Hello World!

Photo by Ankhesenamun

I know what you might think, writing is hard. And yes, it’s true. I might struggle now and then to add upon this single little post, but that’s ok. This site is my personal space.

And even if I don’t commit to the “100 days of writing” challenge or I’m not producing highly polished quality content, that’s fine. To be clear: I’m ok with people challenging themselves. It’s just something I would not enjoy doing. At least not right now.

Moreover as with everything: nothing ever is really finished. I can’t even recall how many times I’ve been redesigning, changing, or tweaking this little site, but this time I feel different. I do not seem to fall into the imposter syndrome, which approximately every one of us feels from time to time. But this time it seems I might feel engaged.

The only thing I thought of was: should I really go with “Hello World!” as the title of my first writing? I might choose a different title for this. It seems a bit boring, but anyways. It fits me well. And it fits life, in general, more than you think. We as people keep always learning. Some of us might be experts in some disciplines but will lack knowledge of other aspects. So if we ever keep learning, we could also always start with the simple “Hello World!”, most developers started a career with.

Anyways, that’s it. I don’t want to bend my philosophical abilities here. Pushing this out into the wild feels good today. So see you and have a nice one.

Portrait of Eric (@thezieger) Written by Eric (@thezieger) who is a Frontend Developer currently working for Invia Travel Germany GmbH the pan-European market leader in online travel marketing.